Dangote Foresees Nigeria’s Economic Rebound Soon


Africa’s richest man of Nigerian birth, Aliko Dangote, has expressed optimism in the rapid economic recovery for Nigeria saying that despite the recessive economy and downturn in economic activities, Nigeria will come out of it stronger as a self-reliant economic power house . . .

Addressing a group of small and medium enterprises operators in Lagos  who met with him in Lagos during the festive period, Dangote said inter alia:

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“Thank God in our own situation, we know where the problem lies. We only need to muster the courage to apply solution. Nigeria needs to look inward and produce what we consume as opposed to incessant importation which takes away our forex.

This is one of the fundamental problems of our country, we import just anything and the reality is dawn on us now that we have to change this habit, this is why the federal government has been emphasizing the need to go back to agriculture and total manufacturing so that we also can produce what we need and even export rather than import.”

— Alhaji Aliko Dangote, Chairman Dangote Group

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Dangote Foresees Nigeria’s Economic Rebound Soon